Luzo: Reign of a Mafia Don

This stand-alone novel reads as though a well skill architect meticulously assembled each piece of detail into a collage, covering all the elements that cut across a human’s life- such as sufferings, humor, greed, love, death, and the triumph of the human spirit.

“There are times when reading that I know why I love books. Luzo’s story is heart-wrenching, relevant to the times and enlightening!” -Taneka (Reading Bug)

There are wars between men in fancy suits and polished shoes who are ruthless type soldiers. When they kill, battlefields are bloodied for protection of family. ‘Men of Honor,’ are their whispered titles, but Salvatore Giacantil’s wears the crown of mafia royalty. When Salvatore’s famiglia is murdered while he is studying abroad, he later returns to the shores of Italy focused on revenge. With an assumed identity as Luzo Palazzo, he rebuilds an empire and adheres to the Giacanti motto; ‘Death to the Enemies of My Family.’ But, when a man lives only for vengeance, he is apt to die loveless.

Continue the ride along in in the epic crime romance series, Alfonzo.
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