Mackenzie’s Moon: A Boy’s Search for Home by Noah James Adams

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When orphaned sixteen-year-old Mackenzie Hunter is unfairly arrested for felony assault on a police officer, he learns his lawyer uncle is conspiring with a corrupt prosecutor to lock him away in juvie prison for two years. That’s when Mackenzie does what he’s dreamed of doing ever since his mom died seven years ago. He buys a one-way bus ticket from Buffalo to the coast of South Carolina. He’s finally going to see the Bergeron Bay Resort, the magical paradise where his parents met, worked, and fell in love the summer before he was born. He hopes to get a job there, and maybe he’ll even find a way to track down his dad’s family.

Mackenzie’s long trip turns out to be anything but boring. He meets a young minister who insists on helping him, surprises three muggers with his martial arts skills, stays just ahead of the cops chasing him, spends an educational sleepover with a sexy cougar, and joins forces with a naturist nightclub entertainer who’s running from his own problems.

When Mackenzie finds a job and a home, he thinks things can’t get much better but then he meets Dani, the sexy Southern girl who is make-me-forget-my-own-name pretty. The kind of girl men fought wars over in ancient times. Mackenzie is convinced he’d fight an armed swat team just to hold her in his arms, and although he knows it’s a longshot, he prays she’ll give him a chance.

For the first time in seven years, Mackenzie is happy, but he can’t afford to be careless. He has to avoid cops because if they run a check on him, they’ll find out he’s a runaway with a warrant out for his arrest. As hard as he tries to avoid trouble, it still finds him in the form of a life and death situation. When he makes a desperate attempt to save a friend, he knows it will cost him his freedom and the new life he’s come to love.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By A Moore

I thoroughly enjoyed Mackenzie’s Moon. It was funny, romantic and then incredibly sad. But as I read the last page I had the biggest smile on my face. I like the way the plot came together in ways I didn’t expect. A good story and well-written.

About the Author

Noah James Adams is married with two children and lives in the country near the coast of South Carolina. He’s a proud U.S. Army veteran and a devout S.C. Gamecock fan. He’s been writing since he was twelve years old and has always liked the idea of creating stories that will entertain people long after he’s gone. Because of experiences in his childhood, he has a special place in his heart for orphans and foster kids, especially the truly troubled ones. His favorite charity is a certain children’s home he’s supported for many years. Noah admits to being a bit reclusive and seldom leaves his farm, choosing instead to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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