Baltimore, 1849. During a scandalous crisis, the young Irish Brianna Baird flees her home at Fells Point. With little cash and only a seamstress’s trade, she braves the hypnotic streets of New Orleans. The tantalizing Madam DeSalle lures her to her brothel, then sells her to the dashing but questionable gambler, Edward Spina, who falls in love with her. In a tawdry alliance with these two profiteers, Brianna embarks on a journey through the French Quarter’s debauched and glittering Voodoo world. Facing the horrors of slavery, she triumphs by gaining freedom papers for her maid Emma’s enslaved husband and son. Brianna and Edward escape with them to San Francisco. There she becomes one of the most sought after madams in the gold rush parlor house trade. But will her fame and pluck be enough to save Edward from the Vigilante noose? This is the first book in the American Madams series.
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“A great read of true love in the Gold Rush era.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Judith B. Vaughan

In the first of a promised series of romances about women who ran brothels, Gini Grossenbacher relates a classic story with a twist. The young Brianna is rejected by her father. Left defenseless, it is a madam who helps her through an unplanned pregnancy in nineteenth century New Orleans. She is sold to a gambler, Edward, who cherishes her. Soon an unusual family is formed when a free black woman inspires Brianna and Edward to help free her husband and son from a slave plantation. The novel spins through New Orleans and then San Francisco as Brianna becomes a madam with a heart. The author’s sharply drawn realism of a turbulent time leads the reader to a surprise ending.
A great read of true love in the Gold Rush era.

About the Author

California author GINI GROSSENBACHER was a successful high school English teacher until she abandoned grades and term papers, choosing to write historical novels instead. Now she leads small writing groups and coaches other writers. She loves researching the history behind her novels, and enjoys traveling to the setting where they take place. Her hobbies include needlepoint, nature walks, and Scrabble. She lives in the Sacramento Valley where she grew up, east of San Francisco.

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