Mainly Melancholy

by – Keith Abbott (Author)

Poems from Before the Cradle to Beyond the Grave 

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Book Description:

‘Mainly Melancholy: From Before the Cradle to Beyond the Grave’ is a poetry collection which not only explores some of the personal problems which women in particular may experience during their lifetime, but also celebrates a few of those lighter moments.
‘Mainly Melancholy’ also looks at the mysteries which may confront us along life’s way, and touches on the paranormal, especially in its first and final sections, ‘Before the Cradle’ and ‘Beyond the Grave.’ Other thought-provoking subjects in this prolific collection include Secrets & Regrets, Addiction, Growing Older, and Nature & Nice Things.
As the title of her collection suggests, the author, Caitlin Keeton is a ‘mainly melancholy’ person, preferring to write upon serious subjects and about feeling sad. However, as her few more up-beat poems illustrate, at times, she also possesses a quick wit and a great sense of fun.