A Majority of One by Robert Lamb

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Book Description:

One courageous woman.against a whole town.
“When preachers in a small Georgia town organize to ban some classic American novels from the high school curriculum, only one citizen stands up to them: English teacher Anne Brady, an “outsider” from Atlanta who champions great literature (and the separation of Church and State). Refusing to “go along to get along,” Anne soon finds herself fighting to save her job and reputation. For help, she turns to another local outsider, lawyer Eugene Shapiro, who as the county’s only Jewish attorney knows all too well what his client is up against. By the time Anne’s struggle spills into court from a heated school-board meeting, the mood of the county points toward a legal lynching – or worse, as some of the more zealous defenders of the faith have drifted beyond the reach of law or reason. This novel is a powerful reminder that not all religious fanatics live in the Middle East. America has its own home-grown variety.”

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“This is one of the best books on bigoted behavior in the deep South”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gail L. Stelling

This is one of the best books on bigoted behavior in the deep South. I couldn’t put it down. Interesting twist at the very end! Thanks Robert Lamb.
And, by the way….I’m from the South and proud of it.

About the Author

Robert Lamb grew up in Georgia and was graduated from the University of Georgia. Following a career in journalism, he taught writing at the University of South Carolina for 20 years.
His first novel, Striking Out, was nominated for the PEN/Hemingway Award.
His second novel, Atlanta Blues, was a Southern Book Critics Circle Selection and was cited in a year-end roundup of new books as “one of the three best novels of the year by a Southern writer – and maybe the best.”
His third novel, A Majority of One, is about a clash between religion and the U.S. Constitution over book-banning in public schools.
His latest book, Six of One, Half Dozen of Another (Stories & Poems + 1), features works representing a lifetime of writing, with an afterword on the origins of the poems and stories, one of which, “R.I.P.,” was a winner in the 2009 South Carolina Fiction Project.
The author lives at Pawleys Island, S.C., and can be reached at robertlamb@myway.com.

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