It is the year 263, and the realm of Hulsteria has just suffered the loss of its Emperor, Frederick Onlinger I. His granddaughter and heir, Stelaphina has been tasked with ascending the Imperial throne. Though she has prepared for this day her entire life, she wonders if she is up to facing the challenges ahead. From her bastard half brother, who many believe should be the emperor’s successor, to Benedictus Antonio, head of the Church of Saaveth and commander of a great army. A younger sister, she cannot control, a husband whom she cannot satisfy, and a duke with aspirations. The days that lay ahead will not be easy for the young empress, it will be a time for discovering allies and enemies. In the end the trials and tribulations will lead to the making of an empress.
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“It had a good mix of intrigue”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Beverly H

I received an advance copy of this book.

Fantasy is not my typical genre of choice but this book pleasantly surprised me. It had a good mix of intrigue, romance, and some magic. The story line was fantastic, with twists and turns that one couldn’t see coming. It was well written and I am looking forward for book two to be released.

About the Author

Frank David was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Akron, Ohio where he works as a Business Analyst. Frank has had a passion for the medieval era since he was young, enjoying the propensity of the era.

His first book, Making of an Empress is set in the year 263, similar to 14th century England, in the world of Saaveth. It focuses on the realm of Hulsteria, which consists of seven kingdoms and the change of the Imperial Crown, from the recently deceased Emperor Frederick I to his granddaughter, Stelaphina I. The idea for the book began with a role-playing site he founded, when he was unable to find other like minded individuals, he decided to take the stories that kept him awake at night and put them to the page.

Making of an Empress is the first book in the Hulsteria series, with several other books already planned.




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