21st century children are no ordinary children. The children of this century walk over crumbling grounds as the whole world caves in under the stress of political, financial, moral, and environmental woes. Children are extremely vulnerable, and they are being disturbed at very deep levels of consciousness by the constant bombardment of violent images in the media. “We must care, more than that, we must do something about it.”-Monique Rodriguez. This book motivates childcare providers and early childhood educators to put on their boots and make a heart-felt commitment to the emotional well-being of all children under their care. Monique provides a straightforward discussion on the vices of our modern high-tech world and the emotional vulnerabilities of little children. She also offers insight into the world of relaxation and provides a spectrum of creative strategies that when applied in our work with children can help them develop better self-control and achieve a happier existence. Monique Rodriguez is director of Little Einsteins Daycare LLC, in New York City. She has more than twenty years working in early childhood environments and has contributed many articles on the topic of early learning for editorial publications both at the local and national level.

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“Informative and well written!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Monica Grogan

If you have small kids, I recommend this book. This is an informative guide written by a dedicated pre-school teacher. This book is an inside look at the dedication displayed by teachers that truly love children. I enjoyed the techniques used to open a child’s mind to creativity, friendship and trust. Monique, the children in your care are very lucky.

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Monique Rodriguez is a CDA certified childcare specialist and owner of the growing chain of Little Einsteins Daycare LLC, in New York City. She is also certified in relaxation therapy and has contributed various articles for local and national publications in the area of early childhood. Her outstanding work has earned her exceptional references from various experts in the field. She has more than eighteen years of experience working in early childhood environments. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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