41P26u7UbKL._UX250_In this book, author and Human Behaviour Specialist Mavis Ureke combines personal experience and an in-depth understanding of human emotions to give you the necessary information to create the life you want, and this she does by teaching you how to harness and utilize your own creative tools in the form of emotions and thoughts.
As Mavis so clearly explains, you are not doomed financially by your biology, circumstances or geography, and by merely raising your level of awareness and mastering your emotions you will thereby raise your financial results. Money is not discriminatory, you just have to understand the rules of manifestation. : that our emotions are anchors of thoughts and the invisible forces that create our financial results. This book shows you that your financial results may be sabotaged by any lingering emotions from the past, hence the need to use the tools that she teaches to neutralize is cellular memory, and instead rewrite new memories that support your financial goals by raising your level of awareness.
Through her powerful workshops, thousands of people across Africa have achieved their emotional emancipation, leading to accelerated financial results. If you apply what you learn here, you too can change your results in the key areas of your life, including – and especially – money.

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Human Behaviour Specialist/ Speaker /Facilitator/Trainer and Coach

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