Far from Earth, and far into the future, lie the many worlds of the Polycosm. Millions of engineered planetesimals orbit an X-ray binary, providing them with inexhaustible energy and limitless wealth.

But even when limitless, wealth is still hoarded by a select few.

Most of the Polycosm’s riches belong not to its millions of humble denizens, but to a mere nine Plutocrats who rule however they see fit. When the richest of all the Plutocrats at long last loses his mind and tries to seize all the Polycosm’s worlds for himself, a populist uprising plunges the entirety of their civilization into civil war.

The Polycosm’s immeasurable fortune must now either be retained by the Plutocrats, reclaimed by the Populists, or left to burn in the fires of war.
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About the Author

I aspire to be a myth-maker. Every story I write adds to my mythology. These tales span many subgenres of science fiction and fantasy, yet they all share common elements than ultimately unites them under a single lore.

My mythology is not yet complete. It may never be completed, either because it has no end or I end before it does. Should the latter be the case I can at least take some comfort in the fact that some of it saw the light of day and now lies within the minds of others.

I’d love to talk with anyone who likes my stories. You can reach me on twitter @A_Vespertine.

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