by – Hans Erdman (Author)

The Amazing Travels of Tessa Chart (Mapmaker Stories from the Gewellyn Chronicles) 

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Book Description:

Captain Alenia Yaleria called her, “the most adventurous woman we’ve ever known.” Tessa Chart: Adventurer, Warrior, Cartographer, and incurable romantic. The Truthbearer and the Lord Librarian have sent her on a mission: Map the Nine Worlds and find the “Thin Places” where Lordabove is closest to His creation. No one has ever made maps of the entire Nine Worlds before, but if it can be done, Tessa will do it. With her airship crew of Elves, Drow, Librarians, and a half-elf who just may be the love of her life, Tessa Chart will go to the places where legends were born, and what once was thought to be fiction may just be the next big adventure… or their doom.

About the Author: Hans Erdman

I began writing fantasy in 2016, after my wife, Ellen, was diagnosed with cancer. It really took off a year later when she was declared in full remission and was able to start helping me. When I was a park ranger and, before that, a paramedic, I used to write articles about my areas of expertise. Now, I am writing the tales that have played in my imagination for over 60 years. My stories are epic fantasy with a Biblical world-view, and we test everything by how our teenaged granddaughters would react to it. I hope you enjoy the adventures and will join us on the journeys with Connor, Iolena, Menta Kai, and Fiona!

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