51PhkkVhSiL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online is an essential manual with simple, practical and actionable advice that will get you inspired, focused and ready to take direct control of your on line marketing, reputation management, PR and public relations.

It will help you thrive in the unfolding digital world with increasing opportunity to prosper as a word class host, building a lasting brand identity with more direct sales while balancing distribution.

Hoteliers have always had superior knowledge of their property, services, products and destination, as well as guest needs and interests. In the past this advantage was hidden, as hotel managers and marketers had little access to travelers directly. In the new digital age distribution, publishing, advertising, marketing reputation management and public relations have shifted from traditional media to the new digital system that are far more accessible to small hotels and tourism companies. Today hoteliers, tourism operators and destination marketers have the ability to communicate directly to the widest possible audience.

This book explains how to position your hotel and tourism service to the best possible advantage over the competition. it demonstrates the tools and strategies that will help you to capture visitor information and provide relevant content as part of an effective sales funnel. It covers the latest automated merchandising strategies that will reach and engage travelers and covert more high margin direct booking. It will explain how to get he best results from online distribution while maintain brand integrity and optimizing direct sales.

The book is divided into 3 easy to read and understand sections, these are:

1. How to perfect your web messaging strategy and website presence.
2. How to create your digital network to communicate directly with your market.
3. How to beat the online travel agents at their own game and get more direct bookings.

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About the Author

This is a personal mission of Ian R Clayton, CEO of AXSES and the Tourism development and consulting arm AXSES SCI in Barbados. Ian is a creative writer with a deep knowledge of the latest strategies in marketing and online media. His work is insightful and on the ball, and usually has several typos that he cant see because of a bad case of dislexia. We hope that you can appreciate the content and get past the spelling until the editors catches up with his work.

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