Leadsology: Marketing The Invisible by Tom Poland

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Book Description:

Leadsology®: Marketing The Invisible is written for independent professionals for want to enjoy a predictable weekly flow of high quality new client inquiries. Here’s what you’ll discover in Leadsology®: Marketing The Invisible. *** Why Marketing The Invisible is more like proposing marriage than it is selling a car. *** Ten commonly taught marketing methods that you should avoid. *** The Titanium Triangle: How to stimulate a weekly flow of high-quality, inbound, new client inquiries. *** The Four Levels of Psychological Allure: How to ethically create a magnetic-like attraction that is all but irresistible to ideal clients. *** The Leadsology® Persuasion Sequence: A ten-part formula to embed into presentations, publications, and pitches that will dramatically improve response rates. *** The SEW Segmentation Formula: A simple formula that increases new client inquiries more than five fold (literally). *** The Four Validations: What your ideal clients need to hear to confirm that investing with you is the right thing to do. *** The Orchestra Conductor: How to free up your time and scale your marketing results through a simple three-step process of segmentation, automation, and outsourcing.

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“Stop wasting time & effort – learn from the guy who’s been there”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Doc Champagne

Here’s your choice: (A) Spend hundreds of hours of your life reading the endless stream of books pumped out by “experts” who feel they must write a book to be noticed, gathering maybe a nugget here or there among all the pages of fluff; or… (B) Spend a day reading Tom Poland’s book and learn everything you need to know to attract as many customers as you could dream of having. Tom has spent a loooong career painstakingly experimenting with every conceivable method of generating clients. Why not just learn what works from someone who’s been there and stop wasting time? I’ve enrolled in one of Tom’s courses, read his Leadsology book and attended many of his hugely helpful webinars. He’s the real deal. I’m too old to waste time listening to up-and-coming digital marketers. I want to hear from the voice of experience. Read this book if you want to grow your business!

About the Author

Tom is a 59 year old serial entrepreneur who started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time he’s led teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million.

Since 1995 Tom has dedicated himself as a full time professional to helping business owners to live a fulfilling personal and professional life whilst adding value to their clients and their own business.

At last count Tom’s process has helped over 2,000 business owners across 193 different industries and 4 continents to develop and grow their businesses. Many have gone on to add millions to their earnings and their testimonials are on his website.

Tom’s work has been published in 27 countries and he’s shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch from the 80-20 Principle, Brian Tracey and many others.

And on a personal note, Tom’s a kiwi who moved to the Sunshine Coast many years ago which is also where he met his German wife – locally they’re known as “the Kiwi and the Kraut”. They live and work next to the beach near Noosa with dog Monty. They have seven children and seven grandchildren and he says he’s loves them all dearly and he’s equally joyous that none of them live with him anymore.

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