mmsMarshall Rooker is an infantry officer headed off to fight in the Vietnam War. He is unsure of himself and unsure of how to protect his men. The book takes this young, country, high school athlete and molds him into a warrior. Following a near-death experience, he goes on to win the Medal of Honor and become a celebrated war hero. However, he shuns publicity, as he feels that he was only doing his assigned task. After winning the Medal of Honor, he is asked to lead one more mission into Cambodia.

From History to Fiction

In real life, the Vietnam War garnered major anti-war protests in the United States. While troops were stationed in Vietnam, Congress passed a bill stating that they couldn’t shoot at an enemy unless the enemy shot first. Enemies could walk through American camps with weapons out and not be shot at.

The book MARSHALL’S MARAUDERS contains factual information about the Vietnam War. Through the fictional protagonist Marshall Rooker, this book explains how real soldiers worked around this Congressional decision. The book provides a real look at how military combat actually happens behind the scenes from the USA’s side, without being bloody or gory.

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  A great story!   During a time when many of the young men of draft age chose to use college or Canada as there “get-out-of-Nam” card, this is the story of a young man who chose to accept his responsibility as an American and go to Viet Nam.  It’s an action packed book, which highlights the dangers that many of our young men face when asked to serve their country in other people’s wars.  Though it takes place in the jungles of Viet Nam, it could very well have taken place in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Regardless of whether it’s your war or someone else’s war, when you’re in the middle of the fire fight there is no difference.  Surviving is all that matters.  Mr. Lobeck has a story worth telling, and does an excellent job of it. “

by Brad Tashenberg, President Bradmark Technology

About the Author

Allan Lobeck has more than 10 years of experience in writing, and he was inspired to write MARSHALL’S MARAUDERS five years ago, when he found out that veterans of the Vietnam War were still suffering.

He enjoyed sharing the stories he learned about the war with his grandchildren without getting too graphic. His grandson became very interested and wanted to learn more, so he and Allan’s wife encouraged him to write this historical fiction book about it. From that came MARSHALL’S MARAUDERS.

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