Martin Swans Diary

by – Kyle Keyes (Author)

Martin Swan first saw Jodie Seales at The Niagara Playhouse in South Jersey. 

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Book Description:

Martin Swan first saw Jodie Seales at The Niagara Playhouse in South Jersey. The young, aspiring actress portrayed Aunt Abby Brewster in a stage production of Arsenic And Old Lace.
Federal Agent Swan was just a face in the crowd.
The cast removed wigs, glasses and other head-dress at curtain call. Jodie’s blond curls tumbled out. Bright floods illuminated her face as she lifted from her curtsey, and Martin Swan went over the falls – without the barrel.

Reviews for the Book

Martin Swan's Diary by Kyle Keyes
Like this book right from the start, first off I feel part of the scene with the descriptions and it's action, fast paced.
Jodie and her spouse are on the outs and he confronts her to find out Sweeney is there to help her. She grabs her child and suitcases and they leave NJ for FL.
The family mob know where her sister is and they head there but there are things there for them in place. Love how Swan gets special treatment along the way and help him out of bad spots.
Time goes back to when he served overseas and we find of his special abilities there.
Love the travel, roads we have been on, fond memories.
Like short diary notes to summarize the day's events.
So many are after them from all angles and they count em off as they are dealt with... - Jbarr5

About the Author: Kyle Keyes

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