414bk-S8DYL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_It is 1995, four years after Ukraine has declared independence.
Lena Petrenko cares little about her country or her miserable life. As the daughter of a racketeer, she has seen enough violence and has shut the whole world out. She lives in her bedroom with her baby doll and immerses herself in fairy tales, creating her own happy endings.
When her father forces her to attend his cage fights, Lena finds herself caught up in the brutality when she is claimed as the winner’s trophy. Her terrifying champion is nothing like the prince of her stories. He is every bit the beast and she is hardly a beauty.
Lena soon learns that there is more to this stranger than his hard exterior. He has a dark history and an agenda that somehow involves her, but behind all the muscle beats a tender heart. As she begins to face her own terrible past, she finds him to be an unlikely ally, evoking everything she has buried deep inside, including her passion.
As her feelings for him deepen, Lena finds herself contending once again with a violent world. Now her captor must become her saviour, at the risk of losing each other, or losing their lives.

Strictly Adults only. Contains graphic language and violence, explicit sexual scenes including BDSM elements and anal play.

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“Phenomenal Story – excellent writing!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By GP 

Jahn I am utterly in love with you! WOW. This is a very powerful story about violence, despair, love, and hope. It grabs you from the very first page and you cannot let you until the very end. Jahn the H comes from a world of violence but it is a contradiction to his compassionate heart. The h is Lena – you see how this broken girl grows through the story and become an incredible strong and brave woman. Their love is beautiful – just beautiful. I love that the h wasn’t a stick figure – she was a just little overweigh like Jahn would say. There is tons of action – sex wasn’t the center of the book but was an important component. The scenes were very light BDSM – more discipline that anything else – very well done though and spicy enough to make your heart race.
The ending had to be the way it is and I applaud the author for not letting these two amazing characters deterred you from doing the right thing. I cried though – I lost my soul a little. I have read The Line Trilogy and as always I yearn for more from Ms. Taylor. You learn about Jahn (Dylan) in the line series – I need to re-read it to savor him again. I will patiently wait for Book 2 of this series (I hope there is…). Grab this book you won’t regret it.

About the Author

Catherine Taylor is an erotic romance author living in the South Island of New Zealand. The Finest Line is her debut self published novel and her first venture into erotica, but writing has been a passion for over forty years. In that time she has written plays for the theater and screenplays for short films, which she has gone on to produce and direct.
Her education has come from years of theater, film and acting and she holds a Diploma in Acting and a Bachelor of Applied Media Arts. For the last four years she has been working on the screenplay for a feature length romantic comedy entitled Ten Days. Her dream is to have it produced.
When she is not writing, she is a wife of 31 years, a mother of four and a grandmother to two. Her other passions include genealogy and acting, and she has appeared in two feature films and worked on film sets alongside such greats as Anthony Hopkins.

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