When a young fairy named Matilda struggles to come of age on her own, she realizes that she must trust her gran’s advice and just put her desires out to the universe. Little does she know that a premonition she had of an impressive bridge will take her from her home in Ireland all the way to the city of Boston. Being a small fairy in such a big world leaves the universe plenty of opportunities to manufacture a wonderful and unexpected adventure for her, and as she learns to let go and trust the process, she finds encouragement from some unlikely places and gains courage for her adventure. As she creates a new home for herself in a rich and vibrant fairy garden in a Boston suburb, she finds some of her greatest strengths lie in her optimistic spirit. Even so, she longs for the company of other stray fairies to share her new garden space with and eventually meets Greta—an old fairy who is lost, afraid and in very tattered conditions. Matilda and Greta’s unexpected friendship sets them each on a wonderful new adventure in their fairy garden where food is plentiful, friends are close at hand, and the future seems wide open for hope.

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