518ihaWVWXL._SY471_BO1,204,203,200_Do you know the reluctant reader, the reluctant soccer player, the reluctant football player or the reluctant child that does not want to participate in gym class? This is a story about the reluctant salsa dancer.

When it comes to salsa dancing, Roscoe feels a little awkward. His family members enjoy salsa dancing and want Roscoe to like it too. Can Roscoe’s feelings about salsa dancing go from awkward to awesome? You tell me.

Michael Hickman has been a librarian for over twenty years in metropolitan Atlanta. His great memories of reading to children and telling stories during his years as a librarian have contributed to this book.

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“It’s Fun Learning to Salsa Dance!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Marcia Briscoe

Great book on an uncovered topic for children. The illustrations are beautiful! Anyone can learn the simple steps of salsa dancing.

About the Author

I remember the times when I was a reluctant salsa dancer. Some guys can jump right in and salsa dancing fit them like gloves. On the other hand I was just a bit uncomfortable with dancing. But the salsa scene helped tremendously. There were classes popping up everywhere. They helped. The salsa music was terrific. It helped. There were plenty women willing to dance. Without a doubt, they were inspirational. However, I needed just a bit more. I needed something to help me remember which way my feet were supposed to go. Long story short, I learned how to salsa dance. My confidence improved as I began teaching willing dancers how to get their feet going in the right direction. Sometime during that process I wrote books about salsa dancing. It’s unbelievable. But even more astounding is this: there came a time in my life in which I had an idea. Here they are.

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