Meditation for Beginners by Dr. Lila Robinson

A Meditative lifestyle brings peace, pleasure and joy to those who adopt a meditation lifestyle. However, meditation also has many benefits that add to youthfulness, wellness and a quality of life. The skill in which you will learn from this simple book can be applied to any busy schedule. Meditation can be practiced by anyone regardless of physical, emotional or spiritual limitation.

In this book we will provide a brief introduction into meditation along with some great tips on how to apply them to your life. The instructions and overview are simple, easy to follow and will aide you in growing daily as you make meditation a part of your daily life.
This book will cover the basic principles, types and benefits of meditation. Anyone can apply these steps to their lives. Meditation promotes wellness, clarity, fitness and will improve your overall skills in production, ethics, communication, and intimacy thus bringing success in every area of your life.
This book will help you on the journey as you begin the practice of meditation. It’s short, easy to read and is filled with quick tips, resources and more.
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About the Author

Dr. Lila Robinson is a popular bible teacher and inspirational speaker. She is also a best-selling author. Her titles include Divine Keys for Kingdom Living, Diary of a Coffeeholic and her latest book Faith Behind Bars and Beyond Living Free from Incarceration. Dr. Lila Robinson speaks in prison through Faith Behind Bars and Beyond. Dr. Robinson is also a provides workshops on Transformation. Her latest books include the Art of Meditation. She is provides coaching on letting go of life’s struggles including addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and negative thoughts. She spends her time practicing the art of meditation, bellydancing and yoga.

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