Megan Corley was only 14 years old when her comfortable world was upended by her father’s affair and the divorce of her parents. Now, two years later, she, her mother and a dog named Jack have all settled into a new part of town, at a new school—the colloquially known Easter Egg High—and Megan is finally beginning to fit in with the close-knit crowd of kids that have known each other since kindergarten.
With a new and true best friend, a delicious boy taking notice, and her passion for art bringing her some success, Megan is finding her way in this new world. But, as she’s soon to discover, success in life and success in love can bring about their own jealousies and pitfalls… how, when everything seems to be going so right, can everything quickly turn so wrong?

(Editor’s Note: It’s not often that I read a new Young Adult (YA) novel, directed toward the teen market, without feeling a little bit jaded going in… Micki Smith’s new novel is an exception to this rule.

The title character, Megan, is smart, artistic and witty. She is, as one beta-reader relayed to me, “My favorite type of teenager: one without a cell phone!” Not only is this an important plot point, it adds a depth to Megan’s view of the world. She is thoughtful, compassionate and well-read, without coming across as naive. Indeed, while self-doubt understandably typifies many young teen experiences– and Megan is not without this trait– she seems to have a solid grasp on who she is and what she believes. Megan, and her close circle of friends, possess a strong moral compass without being judgemental.

#MEGAN is, at its core, a wholesome yet fun coming-of-age story with just the right dash of flirtatious romance. While I believe the target audience is probably girls from 12 – 16, I can say that as a man decades removed from his early teenage years, that #MEGAN is a smart, fun and mirthful read that will be enjoyed by most.
S.J Smith
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Fantastic Young Adult novel!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By E.A. Mills

From the first page to the last I was invested in each of the charecters. The author has a fantastic way of remaining authentic to each charecter’s voice. I also love how she floats the reader between the different perspectives, including the dog’s! This a wonderful read!

About the Author

Micki Smith is a Texas native who longed for the idyllic, sun-soaked shores of California. With the blessings of an abundantly supportive mother, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry at the mature age of 18.
After several years of fits and starts, bouncing around sets and locations as a casting assistant, make-up artist, actress, dancer, choreographer and model, she finally married her true life-partner, who understands and tolerates her foibles.
Sharing a one bedroom condo in Hollywood with a mother, father and two dogs, their new daughter demanded more stability in her infancy than the film industry typically provides its newcomers. Together they searched out new careers and new environs for their small family. In that time, Micki has worked as a waitress, bar manager, publicist, executive chef and motorcycle dealer. All that time, she’s known she wanted to again stretch her creative legs… thus is born the series, Tales from Easter Egg High, with its first installment, #MEGAN.
In her short life, she’s called Western Oklahoma, Lubbock, Texas, Los Angeles, Lake Arrowhead and Houston, “home.” She and her family now reside in San Diego, CA.

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