Memoirs of a Fool in Love: The Misadventures of a Girl, her Heart, and her Pooncy by Kimberley Nicole Manning

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Book Description

Introducing Kimberley Nicole Manning aka Kimmy the Geek! Fresh off her stay on the Island of Disillusionment in a zone neither twilight nor flex, eager to help all of Love’s Lorn and Wounded.

Yes! Tis’ I! The personal BFF of the Grand Mistress herself, Love. You see, I used to be one of Love’s wounded and I got to know her quite well while under her keep. Crippled and limped out there on that battlefield because of one too many jerks ripping my sweet, sweet heart to shreds. Seduced by beautiful lies time and time again, I retreated from battle, and my heart grew numb. Numb… DUMB is more like it!

In Memoirs of a Fool in Love, take a ride through my battlefield as I share with you my unique LoveStory. My journey from numb to dumb to smart and full of heart! How I overcame the repeated stings of loves lost and unrequited. The twists and turns it took for me to finally understand that Whitney was right… Loving yourself really is “The Greatest Love of All”.

Don’t suffer in pain and loneliness like I did. For a very long f@&%ing time too! Life is not worth living being anything less than happy, and no matter what your marital status may be, happiness is within everybody’s grasp. I learned things the hard way and took the scenic route to get through Love’s tough lessons but I’ve come out on top – armed with a happy heart and eager to love again. I share with all of you precious knowledge and powerful stories of love, lust, passion, and carbohydrates.

Learn the Twelve Demands of Love the easy way – by reading this true story!

Fellow wounded warriors of Love! Check those initials on your distress flags. Make sure it’s saying the truth now! Once I discovered what my flag’s initials really stood for, like magic, my broken and damaged heart started stitching itself back together again. I instantly understood the error of my ways. The long road to recovery and heart-happiness began. A change in perspective was a good prescription to start the healing. A change in heart was the cure.

After reading Memoirs of a Fool in Love: The Misadventures of a Girl, her Heart, and her Pooncy, Love’s Fool you shall be no more!

Be Yourself or Bust! True Love is Always Right!

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About the Author

Born and raised in Inglewood, California, Kimberley Nicole Manning turned her love of reading and writing into a teaching career that lasted over twenty years. Upon receiving her Bachelor’s in English, Master’s Degree in Education, and CA Single Subject Teaching Credential, all from UCLA, Kimberley taught ELA to secondary students within the Inglewood, Los Angeles, and Compton Unified School Districts. When she’s not reading or writing, you’d find Kimmy on her PS3 battling opponents in the hopes of becoming the top ranked USA player in Tetris, or securing global freedom from terrorist megalomaniacs in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

“Be child-like, not childish!” – Luke 7:31-35, the Bible

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