51yZdK9CmOL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_Memories of the Lake continues the story of Heart in the Window some five years later, and the bitterness between Tori and Jessica continues. The hatred boils over when Will Sherman the Sheriff of Collins Springs and Jessica become romantically involved. All is going well in the small town of Collins Springs until Jessica receives the news her ex-husband has been arrested. When Jessica returns to Chicago she makes it known she has hard evidence that will rock the foundation of the case.

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“Awesome Book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brandon

I bought this book for my wife and she loved it. She would not put it down till she finished it. After she was done reading it, I gave a look and found it a nice read myself. Normally I’m not a book person like my wife, but I found this book to be great! Keep up the great writing Keith!

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Author of Memories of the Lake. A dedicated father. A Marine (Retired). I believe education and hard work is the only true path to success!

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