Mercury and Music by Amy Venezia

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Book Description:

Somewhere in another realm, Grace finds herself face to face with the world’s most dynamic legends and their soulful connection to duality and the human experience. Journey with Grace as she travels through a landscape of eccentric spirits, humble Gods, and otherworldly creatures eager to share their knowledge on the essence of ‘soul,’ the importance of ‘living’ and the duality that exists within everything.
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“Mind Blown!!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Lesa

This 3rd book from Amy is such a beautiful gift for everyone who reads it. Once I started reading it I had to finish, it really had me captivated and so intrigued as to who would Grace interact with next. The messages received from the 3rd dimension through Grace’s hard work should be a life changer not only to me, but everyone who is touched by reading this book. I will do my part and send copies of all three books to my close friends in the hopes that they are touched and moved with these very real, very moving, cut to the heart stories. Sending love and light to all brothers and sisters. <3

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