Mercy’s Promise

by Lynn Landes (Author)

In the quiet of their shared grief, Glenn and Anika discovered a bond that whispered of hope amidst the shadows.

Book Description:​

In a world shattered by loss and burdened by guilt, Glenn Ward and Anika Coltrane find themselves desperately seeking miracles.

Glenn Ward a war-torn soldier, is facing the unimaginable – his wife is fading away, leaving behind twin newborn sons. Haunted by guilt and consumed by anger, he struggles to find solace in his shattered faith.

Anika, on the other hand, has been plunged into darkness, burying her husband and precious newborn daughter on the same fateful day. Left with a six-year-old daughter to care for, she grapples with overwhelming grief and uncertainty.

But when fate intervenes, an answered prayer brings these grieving souls together. Anika becomes the wet-nurse for the Ward family, offering her nurturing heart to help raise their twins, while also seeking refuge for her own daughter, Delaney, from the shadows of sorrow and fear.

As Glenn and Anika forge an unexpected bond, they begin to glimpse a glimmer of hope. Amidst the pain and heartache, they find comfort and understanding in one another’s shared struggles. But to move forward, they must confront their pasts and embrace the power of forgiveness.

Will they surrender to the darkness that threatens to consume them, or will they choose to open their hearts to God’s healing grace?

About the Author

Lynn Landes (Author)

Lynn, a bestselling author, writes mystery and romantic suspense and historic romance novels that are clean with underlying messages of faith. Her book “Mercy’s Promise” won the Illumination Award for shining a light in Christian Fiction. Lynn currently lives in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. She has more than thirty books published with more in the works- including two children’s books. If you’d like to receive updates via email about book releases, special events, and other happenings please follow Lynn's thread and sign up for the newsletter.

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I love Lynn Landes books! This one is a good read I enjoyed it a lot! There are a couple places where the wrong name was used and a few editing errors but ithey were easy to over look! This is my second series from her and so far I am enjoying them!