adfsddReal, down-to-earth commonsense is hard to come by. #middleagewisdom is not full of lofty platitudes or cumbersome, flowery language—the book is full of all the things your mother should have shared with you—but told in the net-savvy language of the twenty-first century. While hashtags are the central literary device, each line offers a nugget of truly witty clarity for those who care to listen.

With brevity as its theme, these morsels of wisdom do not take mental gymnastics to digest, but pack a wallop nonetheless. The book features original thoughts that will jump-start imagination and inspiration. While entertaining for middle-aged adults, young adults will also appreciate the insight and format in which it is delivered.

Author Malena Cunningham Anderson wrote these hashtags of wisdom as a way to pass down hard-won understandings about all aspects of life, but mainly she shares what she’s learned about striving for success. With life lessons and a strongly humorous tinge, #middleagewisdom breaks it all down.

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About the Author

Malena Cunningham Anderson has a track record of success. As a graduate of the University of Georgia, she was positioned to achieve and accomplish, and spent years striving to do great things in spite of, and perhaps because of, the challenging journey.

Cunningham Anderson’s resume includes many impressive details, but she takes deep pride in her twenty-three years as an Emmy Award-winning television news anchor. Her path to success was forefront in her mind as she wrote #middleagewisdom. With #middleagewisdom, Cunningham Anderson has written the guide she wishes she had many years ago.

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