Discover the dysfunctional heart of the American family in this unsentimental and unflinching autobiography. From breaking out of the babysitter’s house at three to driving the dusty hills of Guantanamo Bay in his 300ZX to life as a stay-at-home dad in his forties, Jason tells the story of Generation X by way of his own impossible journey across a changing world.
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“A very good read, and to know that it is a …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By PJ Hannah

A very good read, and to know that it is a first-hand account of a troubled, dysfunctional “family”, only makes it more real and insightful for anyone reading it. Especially, if the reader is honest about their own upbringing and how all things affect everything, even if for a moment. Good job, Jason, in being brutally honest about your own actions and those of others, and how it all affected your life. It is very hard, indeed, to take a good, hard look at yourself, honestly, and deeply, and be able to come away from it better, more whole in body and spirit, and more excited about the future. I especially like this ending as opposed to the first edition. Much more positive and hopeful. Keep on writing. Anything. Forever.

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