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Book Description:

Mun-gyeong, 1935.
 Choi MiJa is getting ready for her first day at the Elementary Good Citizen School in Japanese occupied Korea. The Choi family are wealthy landowners and have been for nineteen generations, but all that is about to change. Their privileged lifestyle will soon disappear forever, and burgeoning love is put on hold as the family have to endure hardship and loss of the Japanese Occupation, the Second World War, and the Korean War.

When peace finally arrives, there is great hope for the future, and Korea has a chance to build a just and fair society. Will it succeed?

MiJa is a timeless story that sweeps the reader from the gated town of Mun-gyeong, a mountain pass so high that even the birds cannot fly through it, to the besieged war-torn city of Busan where they have to live in the shantytown of Ami-dong built from reused gravestones.

Eventually MiJa finds herself in the remote fishing port of Mukho, on the border with North Korea, where she joins the Hae-nyeo: a matriarchal group of fisherwomen.
MiJa is a tale of un-blossomed love, female sacrifice, and how a family’s hopes and dreams are crushed by the weight of historical events that still resonate in modern-day Korea.

Reviews for the Book

‘Wow, just amazing. This story is the best I have read in a long time. It was so well written I was left hanging on the author’s every word. I really couldn't put this book down.’ NetGalley Reviewer
‘I found MiJa incredibly engrossing due to the vividness of the writing (I genuinely thought I was there) ... a difficult adventure that will pull at your heart strings and root for her survival. A beautiful and poignant story.’ BookSirens Reviewer
‘Stunning!’ NetGalley Reviewer
‘Loved it! Rich storytelling that spans generations ...Atkinson's writing is digestible and thoroughly enjoyable ... his characterisation of MiJa’s mother, Bok-nam, is sublime.’ Reedsy Discovery
'A compelling story. This book deserves wide readership.' BookSprout Reviewer
‘You write beautifully and when you describe a scene it’s absolutely great. It makes the novel a pleasure to read. It’s extremely cinematic. A great piece of work.’Development Editor, Jericho Writers
‘Beautifully done historical novel ... I really enjoyed the plot and am excited to read more from Mark Atkinson.’ BookSprout Reviewer
‘Love a good historical novel. This one has lots of history and is hard to put down. Good read.’ BookSprout Reviewer

About the Author: Mark Atkinson

MARK ATKINSON was born and raised in York, England but has spent much of his life living, studying and working in Southeast Asia, and has spent over a decade in South Korea. It took him four years to research and write his first novel, MiJa. You can find more about the author, join his book-club, and download a Korean language version by visiting: www.bookmark-publications.com

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