Why on earth would anyone ever want to write their own eulogy-to-be? Well, sometimes life just sucks, and then consequently your eulogy would suck too. Double whammy.

The word eulogy-to-be is a concession we had to make because certain family members became quite traumatised when the subject of writing a eulogy popped up.

If a eulogy is a celebration of life then a eulogy-to-be is a write-up for the purpose of getting perspective on life so that we can adjust course if necessary, and celebrate life every single day, and not miss out on our own final party.

Mimi’s Guardian Angel did a fine job writing her eulogy-to-be and keep her on track. As in, “Hey there, is this how you would like to be remembered?”

Mimi’s Eulogy-to-be & Legacy is a sample of how to write your own eulogy and includes a template with directions for anyone at any stage in their life to create a life filled with joy.

Is it possible to design a path to Joy and heal your Life?
How do we get the life we want? Sometimes we need a wake-up call to understand that “Our life does not just ‘happen,’ but whether we know it or not, it is carefully designed by us as quoted from Dr Covey’s bestseller.

Your Story creates a legacy; make it the best it can be!

Yes, you can continue drifting through life and allow things to ‘happen to you.’ Or you can grab hold of it and ‘make it behave!’

There is something miraculous about sharing your dreams and aspirations with the universe; Angels listen in…

Download Mimi’s Eulogy-to-be to find out what happened after she experienced a medical emergency and wrote her eulogy-to-be.

Mimi’s Eulogy-to-be was published as a kindle for the occasion of her talk ‘Your Story is Your Legacy; Make It The Best It Can Be’ with Christine Williams at thegreatestyousummit.com
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“What an intriguing and powerful idea!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Chistila

What an intriguing and powerful idea! I love the invitation of this book to write our own eulogy, as an invitation to reflect on our past, but – even more important – about what we still have and how we want to create it! And, to be even more powerful, the message comes from the Guardian Angel talking about the author’s near death experience and the powerful lessons learned from it. I totally agree that Crystal’s letter is the best eulogy Mimi can get.

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Mimi writes on health, faith and book publishing. All her books combined have become #1 bestsellers in more than 43 categories.

She lives with her family in a tree house on volcanic rock overlooking the bay in Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland. She shares lunch with her friends the butcher birds and Layla Joy her puppy.

Mimi writes from her recliner with ear mufflers on, and a cup of chamomile tea beside her. For exercise, she wiggles her toes. You can find her free tutorials and say hello to her at www.mimiemmanuel.com

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