Mind F^^k by Renee Miller

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Book Description:

Someone is killing the nutters. Four deaths in as many months isn’t anything new for Detective Milo Smalls, but these corpses have too many similarities. Milo barely scratches the surface of the investigation before his boss, Captain Cunt (Captain Maines in the office) orders Milo to take a break. Get some psychiatric help.

Milo doesn’t think his shit is a problem. So he’s a little neurotic. He likes order and mistrusts anything that isn’t divisible by three. So he writes everything down and what’s so bad about liking things to match? So he chews his food well, (no less than three times) but not too well (nine chews is sufficient). So he doesn’t trust pencils and maybe one time he showered his partner with bleach. Whatever. Asshole had it coming.

Milo’s rickety journey toward sanity soon reveals who’s killing the crazies. Except Milo has no proof, the killer knows he’s getting close, and Milo’s next.

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“A Who Dunnit with a hilarious twist”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Katrina Monroe

If you’re not a fan of Renee Miller by now, her newest novel will push you over the edge. Crazy people are dying, and it takes a crazy person to figure out who and why. Part detective mystery, party hilarious romp through the minds of obssessors, addicts, and phobics, Mind F*** is a fun read!

About the Author

Renee Miller lives in Tweed, Ontario. She’s a control freak who writes in multiple genres due to her total lack of self-control. Miller frequently indulges an addiction to cake (all the baked things, really) and potato chips, and has inappropriate fantasies involving Kevin Spacey.

Got questions/comments about Renee’s books? Contact her at authorrenee@outlook.com

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