This Mindfulness Meditations Journal, with its simple techniques, will help you commit to daily practicing so that you can live more happily in the moment. You’ll find when you practice Mindfulness, especially in your busy life, or in the middle of chaos, you can instantly tap into the peace that is already inside of you and make better decisions for success. Mindfulness is easy to learn, with instant results, but it takes practice to reap the full benefits. The more you live your life Mindfully; you will experience stress relief, enhanced creativity, mental and physical healing, self-love, happiness, and better relationships with others. Today millions around the world in all walks of life, regardless of spiritual beliefs are practicing Mindfulness. Law enforcement and the military are using it to help officers make better decisions in the field. Colleges and elementary schools are discovering students improve their better grades when they are centered. Pain and cancer clinics are teaching patients Mindfulness to help them eliminate their mental and physical struggles. Businesses like Google, Apple, and LinkedIn have found that their employees are more effective and take less time off when they approach their work mindfully. Professional athletes are using Mindfulness for self-awareness, to develop concentration and resilience. This Mindfulness Meditations Journal will help you to practice the daily habit of living your life from moment to moment.
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“Quiet Your Ego With This Mindful Journal”

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I’m teaching a class on transcending the duality of the ego and the students needed a journal. I was also teaching them about the importance of staying in the moment to still the constant chatter of the ego. That brought to mind Thich Nhat Hahn’s book The Miracle of Mindfulness which I had read years before after attending one of his lectures in Los Angeles. While looking for his book to read again, I got an email notifying me about the release of Janet Alston Jackson’s new journal and of her work with the master and decided to order her journal to see if this would be a good match for my students. I ordered a copy and It turned out to be the perfect match for them and myself. It’s concise and practical in that it gives a review of why we need to practice mindfulness, along with mindful breathing, thinking, listening and how to calm our emotions. I was so pleased with the journal that I contacted Janet to be a speaker at my class and to be a guest on my weekly talk show, both of which got five stars from my students who fell in love with Janet. I could not have found a more perfect journal for the class. My only suggestion is that she make a smaller version for the purse.

About the Author

Janet Alston Jackson a USA Book News Award-winning author, has taught Mindfulness for over 20 years to thousands including employees at various companies, and organizations. She has also taught Mindfulness to law enforcement, health-care workers, parents, teachers, and college students to help them release stress in their lives.

Janet’s teachings and writings are influenced as a student of several master Zen teachers, including receiving the Three Jewels and Five Mindfulness Trainings and Certification through the transmission of world-renowned Mindfulness Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. It was then that she received her Dharma name: “Compassionate Healer of the Heart.”

Her writings are also influenced by her professional work publicizing celebrities and shows at CBS and ABC Television Networks; the library of metaphysical books she’s read and studied, spending four years in a non-denominational ministry, and her personal evolution, including raising her adopted special-needs son.

“Mindfulness is one of the highest forms of loving yourself,” says Janet. “The practice taught me how. My life mission and purpose is to teach others this beautiful ancient training to release stress, fears and worries in our challenging modern times.”

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