Do you want to improve your life but don’t have time to read books on productivity and personal development? This book synthesizes ideas from the top books in the field of personal development and presents them in an easily digestible way so you can start taking action immediately. It will help you unearth your values, reprogram your thinking, set goals and achieve them.

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About the Author

Habari! I’m a self-proclaimed Kemeni* girl and this is the space where I collate and share ideas I come across. They mostly pertain to topics such as productivity, creativity, personal and career development. I’m an engineer by profession, which means there might be weird posts that show graphs on the creative process like this one.

I try to understand the world, and I try to understand people, because as many engineers would relate to, I’ve always been awkward around people. Most importantly, though, I try to understand myself. So I read a lot, and I include a lot of book recommendations with Amazon affiliate links to Amazon. One of my dreams is to see reading replace gossiping (or gupshuping) on the baraza (or watching TV) as a common pastime in our Asian, Middle Eastern and East African (AMEEA) societies.

My mission is to help millennials move beyond a life spent chained to Infinite Youtube Spirals, and choose to live wholeheartedly.

*before you start googling ‘Kemeni’ it’s a word I coined to mean a person with Yemeni roots and a Kenyan nationality.

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