Have you bought into the American dream?

In fact, it isn’t just Americans that do. Every day we are invaded with advertisements that tell us about all the objects that we cannot live without. In the consumerist society in which we live, we have lost that sense of simplicity that life allows those who put consumerism at the bottom of their list of priorities. Our homes are filled to brimming with possessions. We pride ourselves in owning things.

Closets are filled with clothing that no longer fits, based on the dream that “One day” that magical diet will enable us once again to wear those clothes. Our kitchen cupboards are filled to brimming with cans of food we will never eat, or food that has passed its sell-by date. Why? Because supermarkets encourage us to buy more than we want, need or desire and we go along with it.

In the new wave of minimalism, what people are finding is that the promise that “less is more” is actually very accurate. People are downsizing their lives and some are even taking to minimalistic living by throwing away all of the things that complicate their lives and going off grid and back to nature.

While I don’t suggest that you go that far, there are so many things you can do to enrich your life and give yourself room to breathe and to feel happier. Do you think that clutter makes you happy? Do you think that ownership is more important than peace of mind? Do you think that less can be more? Then, follow me into the pages of this book and I will show you how this is indeed the reality.

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