Mirror My Love by Brandi Lily

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Book Description:

Mirror My Love is a poetic and heartfelt novel about true life experiences involved with the many different types of Love. The honesty is confronting and relatable. If you have experienced heartbreak, loneliness, issues with self-love, or have fallen in love, you might feel a connection with this book at heart. If you are an empath or love nature, you will appreciate some of the poems and prose towards the end of the novel. An authentic, raw, emotional, romantic, picturesque, sensual and provocative collection of writing.
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About the Author

I am a writer and go under the pen name Brandi Lily.
I am the author to recently published novel “Mirror My Love”.
It is a book of poetry and prose. The themes vary from love, lust, sex, life, appreciation, nature, drugs, heartbreak and loneliness. The collection of writing is genuine and raw as it is based on my true life experiences, as I went from heartbreak and betrayal to finding my feet and experiencing other lovers and partners, to making new connections and attractions, to then meeting what may possibly be my Mr. Right! Please check it out and share with others if you enjoy what you read!

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