31bgoNIlLIL._UX250_In The Mirror: A Woman’s Saga poetically facilitates a journey of self-discovery for the woman who will dare to take a deeper look…deep beyond the surface of superficiality, pressured smiles, and the daunting commercialized standards of womanhood. Men and women alike must read the pages of this stimulating work. This collection of great poetic stories can answer the questions many men and women have. Allow the literary talents of Tanya R. Liverman to facilitate your personal journey. After these words have penetrated and destroyed every negative word, thought, and seed planted in your life, you will emerge with a revelation that you too have a Saga… a story to tell. Then, what will you say about your reflection in the Mirror?

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About the Author

Tanya R. Liverman is a proud citizen of the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Indian Tribe of Bridgeton, NJ. She serves at Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center as an ordained minister. She has been married for twenty years and has seven children. She is an author of three other books, she penned an article in the Virginia Journal of Education, and published poetry in a couple anthologies. Furthermore, Tanya is the CEO of Native Productions, where dreams come true and legacies are revealed. Her company puts people’s visions into books, designs web sites, provides business design solutions, and manages some of the best Christian/Gospel indie recording artists. Tanya is a member of Excellence in Christian Music Academy (ECMA) and a partner of Stellar Award Nominated Gospel Central Radio.

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