Miserable Adventure Stories by Alex Bernstein

Tentacled monsters! Frozen wastelands! Nixon! Sherlock Holmes! Groucho! In his latest collection, the author of “Miserable Holiday Stories!” takes you to Victorian London, the Old West, alien worlds, Hamlet’s Denmark and other fantastic places that you would absolutely never want to visit. Featuring stories from The Big Jewel, New Pop Lit, The Zodiac Review, and other literary journals with equally fancy names, this head-scratching awful collection will make you wonder why you didn’t just stay home and rent a movie.
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“Great Pulp Adventure Stories”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Jeffrey H. Dorn

Behind a very cool pulp fiction pastiche cover, Alex Bernstein sends up all things fantastic and adventurous, from Sherlock Holmes to the Old West, with lots of science fiction and other odds and ends tossed in for good measure. All of the stories here are fast, furious, and funny, but “Tundra”, in particular, is a stand-out, with a young girl’s epic quest across a frozen wasteland to recover a lunchbox. A great follow-up to his first collection, “Miserable Holiday Stories.”

About the Author

Alex Bernstein is a freelance writer in New Jersey. His work has appeared at Corvus, BluePrint Review, Hobo Pancakes, Gi60, The Rumpus, The Legendary, The Big Jewel, MonkeyBicycle, McSweeney’s, Yankee Pot Roast, Swink, Litro, Back Hair Advocate, and PopImage, among others. Please visit him at www.promonmars.com.

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