Misreading Judas

The Gospel of Judas is the most important discovery in history.
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A revelatory interpretation of the Gospel of Judas. A tightly argued presentation of an explosive, Judas-centered counter-narrative.

-- Kirkus Reviews
Book Description:

This book received The New Pinnacle Award

The Gospel of Judas is the most important discovery in history. It bridges the gap between Eastern mystic teaching, Gnosticism, and the three Middle Eastern Abrahamic religions, informing all of them. Unfortunately, the Christianity-biased scholars assigned to its interpretation and those who have followed them do not understand it — at all. They miss that Judas is the gnostic sacrifice, and that there is no traditional orthodox Jesus sacrificed – in the Gospel of Judas or in the Bible. Therefore, they miss the most important revelation of all time: that ‘Jesus’ didn’t die to save anyone, and that he was in truth preceded and succeeded by other Masters of equal stature. Here from gnostic texts that only just recently arose from the desert sands of Egypt, phoenix-like, is the detailed story of how the New Testament canonical ‘Betrayal of Jesus’ became the inversion of the gnostic mastership installation story of James the Just, first-century savior. The true origin of the Christian message and its nullification of mystic Truth can now, at long last, be fully told.


Connecting verses from the Gnostic Apocalypse of James to the New Testament narrative showing that Judas was James in the Canonical Inversions:


First Apocalypse of James

“I have given you a sign” (NHC 24:10) “gave them a sign” [the “kiss”]

(Matt. 26:48).

“Cup of bitterness to the sons of light” (25:15) “let this cup pass from me”

(Matt. 26:39).

“This is the second Master” (30:25) “Those who seek enter through you”

(Second Apoc. 55:1) “I know whom I have chosen.” (John 13:18).

“Then the disciples dispersed, but James remained in prayer” (30:25) “he

withdrew and prayed” (Luke 22:41).

“I am he who was within me” (31:15) “I know whom I have chosen” and

“I am he” (John 13:18-19).

“You have embraced and kissed me” (32:5) “He said ‘Hail Master!’ and

kissed him” (Matt. 26:49).

“You are aware and stopped this prayer” (32:5) “Sit here while I pray”

(Matt. 26:36).

“The flesh is weak” (32:20) “the flesh is weak” (Matt. 26:41).

“It will receive what has been ordained for it” (32:20) “thy will be done”

(Matt. 26:42).

“A multitude will arm themselves against you” (33:5) “band of soldiers with

weapons” (John 18:3, Mark 14:43).

Also by the author: The Bible says Saviors – Obadiah 1:21 from Xlibris Publishers

Robert Wahler (Author)
I am a Satsangi with the Radha Soami Satsang Beas Philosophical Organization of Beas, India. The current Master is Baba Gurinder Singh. www.rssb.org Last year, I finally got around to writing the real story of the Gospel of Judas. I am thrilled to offer it to everyone. We now have, with the discovery of the Gospel of Judas and the Nag Hammadi Library (I think they are connected), the sources of the New Testament story of the Betrayal of Jesus. What this says about the Gospel story of Jesus is fatal. If JUDAS is the sacrifice, then Jesus cannot be. Both Judas and Jesus were covers for James the Just, and it is easily seen in the James and Peter Apocalypses of Nag Hammadi. I hope now we can all come together over the mistaken theologies of Judaism, Islam and most of all, Christianity, and see that Masters come to the world continuously for the salvation of the ready. My first book, newly rewritten under new title, is “The Bible says ‘Saviors’ – Obadiah 1:21” . It contains a description of the most important revelation concerning the New Testament scriptures since the gospels were written and canonized. The gospel “Betrayal of Jesus” story is actually a cover fiction for the installation of James the Just as successor savior. I am actively looking for an agent to publish a new book on the Gospel of Judas discovery through a major publisher. In it Judas is the sacrifice — NOT JESUS as most think! He is a stand-in for James the Just, leader of the Jerusalem Assembly. Dr. Robert Eisenman found ‘Judas’ was James, but not a Master. No scholar knows this. I know, I talk to them all, or try to. Ultimately, there is a possible multimedia documentary planned. Misreading Judas: How Biblical Scholars Missed the Biggest Story of All Time, New Pinnacle Book Award winner.
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