Every bride deserves to have a marriage as beautiful as her wedding day. Getting settled into the role of a wife can be a daunting task for phenomenal women groomed to be independent. Author Lillian Gibson, PhD knows this process all too well. As a self-proclaimed millennial woman, she found herself married to the love of her life with the career of her dreams—but heading down a slippery slope toward divorce within 18 months of marriage.

Through self-reflection and talks with God, she eventually discovered how to be a good wife without losing her identity or compromising her faith. Within the pages of Miss to Mrs., the author shares her biggest marital struggles and life changing revelations that led to a fulfilling marriage. Drawing on her own experiences, she teaches women how to overcome marital problems linked to anger, confusion, and frustration. Her psychology based female autonomy within marriage formula gently guides women from single to happily married while becoming spiritually awakened.

Whether already wed, or preparing for marriage—you will walk away with •A greater understanding of communication skills to increase spousal intimacy • Steps to successfully balance life demands without feeling overwhelmed • How to avoid painful arguments • A keen sense of personal empowerment to strengthen your relationship •How to develop a beautiful marriage vision filled with love, trust, faith, and patience.

Miss to Mrs. teaches women how to avoid common relationship traps while uncovering powerful tools to build lasting and healthy marriages. This book includes reflective questions, which makes it an ideal self-help resource to complement premarital or marital counseling.
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A true millennial woman: author, relationship expert, health coach, psychotherapist, wife, and “boy mom.”

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