51ZDZqFULPL._SX387_BO1,204,203,200_Mandi Wexler grew up in a dysfunctional household, suffering unspeakable abuse. As she grew older, she lost more and more pieces of her soul until at last she matured into a hollow, haunted shell of a human being. Now she is an abused automaton who bends to the will of vicious and evil men, shutting out the good in the world and resigning herself to a life of misery, giving up all hope of becoming the vibrant young woman she could have been.

Michael Skyler grew up in a military family, becoming used to never setting down roots, never alone yet always lonely, but never lacking for love and care. When he meets Mandi, he finds himself deeply drawn to her, even though he is hard pressed to explain why.

Mandi tries her best to drive Michael away, not wanting him to see the scars on her body and soul. But the more Michael pursues her, the more she finds herself falling for him. Yet winning Mandi’s love is not going to be easy for Michael, even if he can help free her from her self-imposed enslavement, for deep within Mandi lurk personal demons more menacing than any man ever could be. Will Michael be driven away by Mandi’s dark secret, or will his love finally help Mandi replace the missing pieces of her heart?

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“Hard to put down”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Karen E. Proctor

A tremendously powerful and emotive subject which has been shared with personal insight and compassion. I can’t deny I found myself crying at times. The authors words are so honest and open and I don’t think there are many readers won’t feel the way I did upon reading. It must have been a tremendously hard book to write but thank goodness it was because it brings a deeper level of understanding to those of us on the outside looking in.

About the Author

Michael Golvach is a novelist and freelance writer from Grayslake, IL. He doesn’t believe in genres and has written many titles that run the gamut from character studies to full-on hard-boiled crime fiction. He spends his non-commercial writing time cooking up abstract fiction that even he doesn’t quite understand; although he’s certain someone out there does.

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