In a world of fast-paced urban living , technology, and gadgetry, many of us find we are more socially alienated and ‘alone’ than ever before.

This collection of poems centered around urban and modern life is mostly autobiographical, life lived by the author. In instances where this is not the case the poems come from his close observations living in Sydney city for nearly 20 years. The tone of each poem is almost a conversational one, talking to the reader personally one on one about major modern issues, often serious but sometimes with a tinge of irony, even of humour. The poems reflect the challenges of modern life but also its joy which we embrace in our lives.

Poem themes span a wide range including philosophy, technology, our addiction to social media and electronic gadgets, corporate life, beach life in the city, the universe, and friendship found and lost. Lissett also traverses more gritty issues as well such as depression, loss, chronic illness, insomnia, and a world turned upside down. Throughout Modern Times, resounds the hope that life can still be good despite the tremendous life challenges we face in these often-uncertain modern times, whether we live in a big city or a regional/rural area.
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Poet & writer. Just published first poetry book: Modern Times:Urban: Realities: Reflections on Living in the 21st Century. Available at Barnes and Noble/Amazon

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