olmMom…Where do boogers come from? Why do I get the hiccups? Why is my pee yellow? Questions asked everyday all over the world. Now you can be the one with answers! Mom, Why Do My Farts Stink? is a whimsical, educational book that taps into the two best sources on the planet to answer your kids questions about why the body does what it does. Relying on moms and science to answer all those questions you have been fielding since the day your little one discovered they were ticklish and wanted to know why! Fun, funny and full of facts, Carol Mona and her son, Matthew, have put together the perfect compendium of questions and answers. Accompanied by hilarious illustrations by David Kantrowitz and a fully researched glossary of terms…Mom, Why Do My Farts Stink? is a must have addition to your parenting arsenal.

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”  Great for babysitters and anyone who deals with kids!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Laura Francis

I don’t have children, but I’ve had to babysit for neighbors and family and I’ve heard all sorts of questions during my time dealing with young children. Not only that, but I used to work with kids and this book would have been a life saver back then. If you’ve ever been asked by a questioning four year old WHY they have fingernails or WHY they hiccup or WHY they vomit then this will most definitely be a useful book, as it explains in both “mom” terms and “science” terms exactly what the child needs to hear.

It’s pretty funny, and it lays down everything in terms that both children (and adults who missed a few science classes) can understand. It’s a brilliant way to educate children on basic biology, plus, it’s a good way to help with approachability if you find it difficult to talk about certain subjects with your children. I reckon the author should bring out other books in a similar tone explaining other things, like emotion, or sharing, or the first day at school. A winner!

About the Author

Carol and Matthew live in Southern California. David Kantrowitz is an illustrator and improvisor from Los Angeles, California. He recently combined those pursuits by illustrating The Upright Citizen Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual. He also designs logos, t-shirts, and coloring books.

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