Moment of Truth

When the past collides with the present, will the truth set Adrienne free?
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I've had this book in my TBR for over a year, and I am so glad that I finally read it. I loved Adrienne from the very start. Logan ... well, not so much, he needed several spankings, and not in the "naughty way". What I loved most about this story is that, Michelle writes about real people with real issues. I'll gravitate to this kind of book more than any other. I like that she shined a light on what it takes to raise a child with Sickle Cell Disease and what a crisis looks like to a parent who feels helpless because no matter how much you love your child, there's little you can do to comfort him/her. I'm familiar with the disease. I have a friend who's dealt with it all of her life and I've been at the hospital with her on numerous occasions where a slight touch to her skin would make her entire body ache. You did a great job educating your readers. I enjoyed the banter between Adrienne and Kim. The love they had for each other leaped off the page. And Christopher... I loved me some him. I like how he wasn't afraid to show his real feelings, especially given how things ended the first time around. Most men don't do that. He admitted his faults and came full grown. I love that he encouraged Adrienne to get back to what she loved, a contrast from Logan's stance. Christopher was about what was good for Adrienne and Logan was about what was good for him. Well done, Michelle. I can't wait to read more of your work.

-- LSC
Book Description:

When the cradle breaks the vows…all hell breaks loose. Adrienne is obsessed with the new man in her life – the bouncing baby boy she’s always dreamt of having…over her husband Logan’s staunch objections. Motherhood. Wealth. Power. On the surface, the joyful mother has it all – but beneath the bliss, a scandal is brewing that will rip her contentment to shreds. Logan’s professional aspirations leave little room for marriage, family…or guarding his secrets. He’s laser-focused on surpassing his father’s success in the family law firm, and when an affluent new client breezes into town, Logan has one shot to overtake his father…if his wife will get out of his way. When the past collides with the present, will the truth set Adrienne free?

Michelle D. Rayford (Author)
Her pen sharpens spine-tingling tales of betrayal, lies, consequences…and their fallout when the truth comes out. Fitting for her brand of literary inspiration – shining the light in the darkness of deceit. National Best-selling Author Michelle D. Rayford is a doting wife, rocking mother and the dynamic CEO of Barrington Drive Publishing. The seed for Michelle’s gift of storytelling was planted well before she was old enough to drive…now this talented scribe is driven to INSPIRE. Her red-hot keyboard has cranked out hits for several anthologies, as well as her soulful debut novel – Moment of Truth and the chilling Not That Nice. Her latest book, Settling Up, is scheduled to come blasting onto reading lists everywhere in 2020. Michelle’s laptop is housed in the colorful south, where she resides with her husband, who she’s spent half her life crushing on, and two daughters who push her to keep the dream going. When she’s not reading, jamming to her 80’s music playlist or playing NBA2K, Michelle is hard at work, hanging out with her vivid imagination, developing stories about the messy parts of relationships and the aftermath of declaring I do. She loves chatting with readers and book clubs; reach out to her at or through her website – Michelle D. Rayford – driving readers to literary pleasure!
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