71yPkA7LeVL._UX250_Haunted by her past and yet determined to live life on her own terms Maddison Brooks has no idea that an innocent lunch with her sister is going to kickstart the events that will unlock the secrets to her past! Can she trust the man she calls father or has he been lying to her, her entire life? Blood on his hands! Matthew Stoke could always sleep easy with that thought. Especially when he’s the one in control! With the weight of his brother’s death still weighing heavily upon him he begins to realize that there is some blood that you can’t wash away. Will he be able to clean up his mess or will the blood consume him? After fighting so hard for her independence, will Maddison be able to place her life in yet another powerful man’s hands? Can Matthew separate the past from the present or will his love for Maddison destroy them both? Combining everything that you would expect from a traditional, chivalrous romance with a fiercely independent heroine and high-energy plot Money Green Memories is a romantic thriller like no other that will make you keep turning the pages and leave you begging for more. Are you ready to take a journey through the greatest love story of the new age?

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“Love,Lust Action”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Maria King

I almost forgot I was supposed to have my reviewing hat on and just sank into the depths of the story. A character Maddie who is struggling to understand why she is different from the rest of her family. Maddie attempt to locate a lurking truth but also finds love.

About the Author

My name is Scarlett Georgina Brade; and I’m 23 years old and live in London.
I grew up with a passion for reading and a real appreciation for literature in all forms, with that passion only maturing through the years, I fell in love with some of the greatest stories ever told.

In the dead of the night on my 21st birthday I decided to mark the milestone with a decision that would define me through the years to come…. Thus the beginning of the Money Green Series. A journey that shall take you through the greatest love story of the new age…

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