Monkey Cake – Torta de Monos by Delia Berlin

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Book Description:

In this dual language (English-Spanish) story, a monkey trainer is approaching her birthday. Her loving pupils plan to surprise her with a cake. Unable to read recipes, they attempt to make a layered strawberry cake by studying a picture. The results are indeed surprising!

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“This is Monkey Business: Kind intentions and improvisation”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bill Marshall

Delia Berlin, educator and former teacher of child development, has added another dual language (English/Spanish) children’s book to her repertoire: Monkey Cake—Torta de Monos. With kind intentions and improvisation, three very smart monkeys, candidates for space travel, prepare a layered birthday cake for their trainer, Dr. Queen. They have two challenges: their only recipe is a picture of a cake and they need to rely on what’s available in the cupboard. In the end, with lasagna pasta serving as layers and red tomato sauce for icing, it is the smell of lasagna and not cake that greets a surprised and happy Dr. Queen.

Berlin is the illustrator as well as the writer of her most recent book. The story, its bright colors, and childlike drawings are sure to appeal to a young reader.
Bill Marshall.

About the Author

Delia Berlin grew up in Argentina and Brazil, but spent her adult life in Connecticut. Her professional career focused on education and administration. With graduate degrees in both Physics and Family Studies, she also worked in early intervention and taught child development at the college level. While living in three countries, Delia’s world view was influenced by the need to navigate different cultures. Throughout her life, friendships with animals also shaped her learning and understanding of nature.

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