Mood Matters by Zoe Fugler

Mood Matters introduces the language of emotional literacy to the next generation. To begin to help little ones recognise what they are feeling through a child centred, simple, playful approach.
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“A must have book.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Mrs Carol Fugler

What a good idea this book is! Simply explaining how a little one feels but can’t put into words. Helpful for adults, parents & professionals dealing with children’s feelings, such a thoughtful approach seen through a toddlers eyes. Would help a lot of grown ups too! Well done to the author who gets how worrying the world can be to a small person.

About the Author

Zoe is a qualified designer, who worked in retail design and branding. She is the mother of three boys and has spent many years volunteering at Great Ormond Street Hospital running an arts and crafts club. Recently she went back to university to study psychology and children’s wellbeing. This publication is her first foray into books, combining her design skills with her passion to bring emotional literacy to the masses – in a simple, playful format.

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