Moonshine: Eliza’s Story – Her Long Walk West

Dreams left in shattered pieces. Life has become all about survival.

Eliza will lie, she will not follow the rules of respectable society; she will survive, come what may.
Born to Farmworkers near a small town on the East side of America in the 1840s. Eliza prefers to live like her brother and father, hunting, fishing, and running free, barefoot. According to her ma, Eliza is a wildcat who needs taming. Despite her difficult relationship with her ma, her life is happy, sheltered by the love of Mr. and Mrs. Deacon the owners of the farm.
When tragedy strikes Eliza’s world will change forever. Running from a cruel secret that had dogged her young life, Eliza pursues her dream, chasing it right across America…
Determined to join the wagon trains heading west, she weaves tales to gain trust and acceptance before a God-fearing family takes her in to journey with them. Just when fortune favors her, fate catches her out. They discover her journal, revealing the truth about her.
Thrown out to find her way across the plains, she stumbles into a dark and dangerous world. Alone, bruised and battered by life’s misfortunes, she develops a friendship with a Native American, a relationship of illicit love and ultimate pain. She faces murder, rape, and a freezing winter entombed in the mountains.
Dreams left in shattered pieces. Life has become all about survival.