Morning in America by PJ Laska

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Book Description

51f7-8iQQRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_MORNING IN AMERICA is challenging poetic work asking readers to entertain the possibility that the past is not, as Aristotle said, “that which has been,” but is instead that which has been lifted from the crypt to serve the purposes of the future-blind. That the past lives on in memory and inertial repetition is not news. That it has been reanimated with the help of financial steroids to enable the fossilized to lord it over the living is a 21st Century reality for this eco-conscious political poet whose anti-lyric and dialogue assemblages seek to re-dimension the scope and creative possibilities of contemporary American poetry. The book’s historical and philosophical content supports an idol-wrecking constellation of counter-truths with the potential to expand the range of resistance by awakening poetry to its avant garde critical function.

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About the Author

P.J. Laska is an American poet, critic, essayist and translator. Born in the northern Appalachian coalfields in 1938, son of a coal miner, he is a Vietnam War era veteran who served in Japan, and went to college on the G.I Bill. He is a former National Endowment for the Humanities scholar and a past National Book Award finalist for poetry.