Most Immediate by Anthony Molloy

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Book Description:

With the epic raid on the French port of St Nazaire only months away, Captain Alexander Barr, commanding officer of the Tribal Class destroyer HMS Nishga and the inspired and innovative leader of the Special Operations Group codenamed ‘Orca’, is charged with the job of creating a diversion to the main operation. True to form his audacious plans both shock and intrigue his superior officers.
In the September of 1940 Churchill met Roosevelt on board the ‘Prince of Wales’. What if another such meeting was arranged and what if German Intelligence got to know about it Because the death of these two charismatic leaders would demoralise Germany’s two most powerful enemies and pave the way for Hitler’s domination of the civilised world they would divert all their energies into finding out the where and the when.
As if Barr hadn’t enough on his plate, the Submarine Tracking Room at the Admiralty has discovered that Admiral Doenitz is concentrating his U Boats on the east coast of America. Thanks to an Anglophobic American Chief of Naval Operations they are completely disregarding the British advice to bring in the same convoy system that has saved Britain from starvation for two long years.
What can be done to save them from what could potentially be a naval disaster bigger even than Pearl Harbour? Barr’s superiors think they have the answer, Barr has his doubts.
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“A good read”

Four Star Review on Amazon By Geoff Stevenson

An interesting tale of WW2. Not too sure if the author was ever actually in the Service. The characters are awfully stereotypical of what the world thinks the British are or were. Still, if this is your thing, you will enjoy it.

About the Author

Blimey, been a few months, it’s the 9th of July! Where have I been? I live in a small village so I should be able to find out if I ask someone. Well, I’ve just published Book 31, so I know where I am there at least. At the moment I’m trying to find myself, so if I get back before you leave ask me to wait. Just joking. I’ve just finished the thousand words I try to write each day. I start at 5am finish about 8. So its bye for now and hello beans on toast.

25.1.2018 Hola chaps! The 28th book in the Orca Series. ‘Great Waters’, should be out in the next 24 hours or so. This time we’re out the Far East, my old Hunting Ground if not ‘Orca’s’. Land of edible snakes and insects the size of big dogs, well almost. Where, as Marine Dooley puts i,t they’re more Moose-quitoes than mosquitoes. Anyway enjoy folks. I’ve started Book 29 it’s called, ‘Resume Line Astern’. A.M.

14.5.2017 Book 25 of the Orca Series is out today and available on Kindle. More out of the box tactics from Barr, more daring do from Ward and Bushel and more jokes from the Irishman or is he really serious? You’ll have to decide, I can’t make my mind up. A.M.

It’s out Book 24 ‘Fire for Effect’ is published

7.2.17 Watch out fans of Orca! For the rest of this month, Feb, there is still 20% off all the Orca Series also watch out for Book 24 ‘Fire for Effect’ that should be out around the middle of the month and yes it will be 20% off, but only until the end of the month! Happy reading.

Black Monday’s here folks and why not? 20% off all my books including the new one out yesterday and the first one’s still FREE. Happy Xmas to all Commodore Barr’s many loyal fans. I can’t believe I’m writing this! Book 23! of the Special Force Orca series is out tomorrow. Book 23! It’s been 18 years since I started the series. Now it’s the longest in the World. Back then I had all my hair not to mention most of my teeth. If I manage to keep all my fingers I should finish in a couple of years. What I’ve sacrificed for my art! Here’s what the new book is all about-
The Allies had been held at the D Day beachhead. Successive offensives had drawn the bulk of the German armoured reserves to Caen. Eight Divisions of Tiger and Panther tanks faced the British and the Canadians. Heavily armoured tanks that could so easily reduce the Allied thinly armoured and under gunned Sherman tanks to blazing torches that their crews nicknamed them ‘Ronsons’ after their cigarette lighters, which according to its advertisement ‘lit up every time’. The front was stagnant, it had been a fifty day long stalemate and the Allies were in real danger of being thrown back into the Channel. Their one advantage was the much vaulted air power, but if that was such an advantage why weren’t they winning hands down. After all, that had been the plan. The type of country they were fighting in, the small fields and endless thick hedgerows was one of the reasons. Anyone of which could hide the prolific and dreaded German Panzerfaust, the best handheld anti-tank weapon of the War.
The Allied planes were effective in keeping the German tanks at bay during the day, they could only go on the offensive at night and no one can see much in the dark, or could they! Jerry had an ace up his sleeve, infrared night vision devices were being fitted to their Panther tanks as fast as the Nazis could produce them. Soon the tank commanders would have an overwhelming, possibly war winning advantage, they would be able to see in the dark, the night would be theirs…unless…

Eerie or what! As bizarrely and so often happens while researching I have an idea I think is completely original only to find it was in existence or actually happened during the War. Like the time I based an MTB flotilla on the Shetlands, I thought a bit far fetched, but I put it in anyway, only to find out later that a Norwegian MTB flotilla was actually based there in WW2. Today researching my latest book ‘Before First Light’ I read about the Thule Society, a study group researching Germanic Antiquity and whose members were later to become the Nazi elite such as Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg. This group were based in Munich and funded the Workers Party later to become the Nazi Party , The Society was named after a mythical northern country in Greek legend. So I though, although they were disbanded before Hitler came to power, I have them go underground, for some reason, and they’ll secretly run the Nazi project I have in mind for the story. Then I’m thinking, where shall I base this project and chose the Arctic and for no particular reason, Baffin Bay on the west coast of Greenland . Thinking I don’t know much about Baffin Bay I googled it, only to find to my surprise a place called Thule. Eerie stuff.

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, so I thought, with the publishing of Book 19 tonight, it would be interesting to give the plot of Book 20 an airing, if only to see how a mind like mine works, it’s as far as I’ve got today. So regular fans of Special Force Orca might like to ‘write’ the story before I do. Guess what’s happening before I do. Here goes…
It is May 1944, the Allies are poised across the Channel ready to take the fight to the Nazis, but the Nazis have Hitler’s secret weapon the jet aircraft. The race is on ,the Allies have jet aircraft of their own, but they are still in development, the Nazi, on the other hand have the Me 262 and already have a training unit teaching their pilots to fly the five hundred and forty miles an hour jet. The fastest plane the Allies can muster is the prop engined American Super Thunderbolt at four hundred and ninety miles per hour. The Me 262 is capable of out flying anything the Allies can put against it and of destroying Allied plans of the invastion of France for perhaps years to come, maybe even turning the tide of the war completely and forcing at least a conditional peace. This is the last thing Churchill wants, he is demanding unconditional surrender so the Nazi thugs can be brought to account for their crimes.
A complete air frame of the Me 262 is needed so the ‘Boffins’ can study it and calculate its performance, only then can the Allied versions be adapted and modified to reign supreme in the air battles yet to be fought in the skies over Europe.
To get a complete aircraft back to England is a tall task, it requires men of unique capabilities, it requires Commodore Barr and the men of Special Force Orca…

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