Single mother Lauri Felder is jolted awake by a crash in the night and rushes to find her young son, Benny, missing. With no evidence or leads, she is the only suspect in the kidnapping and murder of her only child until an undercover detective falls for her and vows to help, but it is his testimony that convicts her of the crime. Now, from behind prison walls, Lauri must fight to prove her innocence while mourning the loss of her son.
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“This book was well-written and had a great story-line. It took me through many emotions”

Five Star Review on Amazon By C. L. Cochran

This book was well-written and had a great story-line. It took me through many emotions. There were times I was mad, sad, and confused. It all tied-up perfectly in the end! I read the book fairly quickly because it held my interest and didn’t seem to drag at all. I was happy with the purchase!

About the Author

Jodi Clark discovered her passion for writing at the age of twelve, when assigned to write an essay for her English class in school. The years that followed brought forth poetry, published in various anthologies such as Cherished Poems of the Western World, which later evolved into short stories.

At age 25, Jodi married and had a son while her passion for writing flourished through poetry and stories of the inspiration around her.

She later became the primary writer for Around the Panhandle Magazine, where she resides in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, in 2008, while also writing ehow articles online for Demand Studios. That same year, she published two short stories, Courtney and A Miracle at Thanksgiving. 2008 also brought forth a children’s book that she published with her son, and “The Disappearance of Benny”, her first fiction novel.

Five years later, Jodi published her fiction novels, “Aiding Revenge”, “Matriarca” and “Bleeding Panther”. She republished “Bleeding Panther” with a more in-depth storyline and additional plot in 2015, as well as “Mother Condemned”, the revision of “The Disappearance of Benny”.

Jodi’s novels are available on online bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Google and Goodreads and through her website at

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