41W9A6eeymL._UX250_Motherlover is an erotic private eye novel starring Frank “big Mother” Harley, his lipstick lesbian wife Mavis, and a cast of characters which includes Hammer, a bisexual thief and Big Guy Investigations operative, Jellybean Randall, another BG operative and ex-cop, and Sherry, Frank’s possibly legal temp secretary. Motherlover takes up where its prequel, What’s A Mother To Do? left off, but is also a stand-alone novel. As usual, someone is trying to kill Frank. This time it’s Stanley Goodman, Buddy Omaha’s successor as crime boss of the Midwest, and he hires a stream of hit-persons to do the job, including a beautiful bi woman known as the Black Mamba. Suzi Saffron, as she is also known, fails in her first murder attempt, the first time she’s ever failed to carry out one of her deadly assignments. She befriends Frank, because having failed to kill him, she now has a target on her back. She is also enamored of Frank’s wife Mavis, whom she has vowed to steal. Frank , while dodging bullets, pursues his passion, drawing naked women, and often becoming involved with them, as does his wife. But Frank’s world is changi9ng. He may lose his life, but failing that, his wife, his operatives and friends, and even his PI business. Has he become finally too jaded, too cynical, too downright amoral even for those he loves? It’s a question he will have to answer, if he is able to survive.

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“Great Second Novel”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Terri

MOTHERLOVER is the second volume of books about a private eye, Frank Harley, known as Mother****** to his friends, or “Mother” for short (or in polite company). The first book, “What’s a Mother to Do” was very funny. This book is even better! Lowell is maturing as an author and is providing many chuckles along the way. The plot is involved and entertaining and the characters are unforgettable. If you liked “What’s a Mother to Do” you definitely need to read this and vice versa. We can only hope another installment is in the works!

About the Author

I was named after Lowell Thomas, the explorer, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. I grew up with 5 sisters; a brother came later, when I was 12. I adore women, and I like to draw them, as does my main character in MOTHERLOVER, Frank “Big Mother” Harley. Despite my adoration for women, I’ve been married nearly 50 years to the same one, and we’re not into open marriage or any of the sort of the sexual high jinks in my book. We have 3 kids, all grown–David, a scientist, Vikki, a nurse, and Dan, a minister with a law degree. We have 6 grandchildren. Like Hugh Hefner, I am a failed cartoonist. I began writing because, when I would buy Writers Digest for its cartoonist’s markets column, I sometimes, against my better judgement, peeked at the articles on writing. I’ve sold stories to the confessions market (True Confessions, Modern Romances, that lot) and I’ve written five unpublished novels. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and I have several blogs. (I was a businessman; I’ve been retired for several years.) I have a hat named Cosmo who gets out more than I do. (See travelsofthehat.blogspot.com.) I am known on Twitter as Col. Spanky (I am a Kentucky Colonel) and also on my blog, colspankysmostlyfunnystuff.blogspot.com. I am a Janet Evanovich fan, I like bluegrass music, and I love burgoo, especially Catholic picnic burgoo. What else can I say? Buy my freakin’ books!

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