51ppLd2EvEL._UX250_What if all you had to do to save the lives of everyone you knew, was leave them and the safety of the only home you had ever known behind? That’s the choice Vivienne Reinhold faces when a premonition thrusts her into a world full of magic and danger, awakening the powers hidden deep within her. Add in the complication of the mysterious Rowan, who seems to ignite a fire within her that she can’t understand and follow Vivienne as she finds her way through life and love, outside of the mountain.

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About the Author

Violet has always been an avid reader, but it wasn’t long before that alone wouldn’t satisfy her vivid imagination. She began creating stories for herself and as her confidence built, so did her need to share what she created. Living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia, left her with plenty of time to dream of grander things as a child, but now as a mother of two small children herself, she is grateful to still live on that same old farm where all their imaginations can run wild.

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