Mark Eden.
A scientist of note, is working on a project for his wife.
A woman with extensive spiritualistic leanings, and who has identified a portion of the brain that seems to be involved with religious experiences.
Marks work on nanotechnology is intended to be trailed on the activation of this God spot of hers
He is in the early trials of his work.
However, the company he works for have taken an interest, in this his private work, and orchestrate an attack on his laboratory.
The plan, to kill all present and steal his work.
Post attack, Mark awakes to find himself unharmed whilst all lay dead around him.
His employers mission fails, as Mark keeps no documentation of his work to hand.
It’s all in his head, and so the company now seeks that.
Mark finds that he has been infused with his nanites following the attack, and these nanites begin to change his form, radically.
Has this mysterious God spot within the brain been activated?
Is another consciousness controlling his technology?
He’s now on the run from his attackers, his body keeps changing, and most strangely, and most importantly to him, his wife.
Killed at the attack on the lab, she is constantly paying him a visit.
Is she a ghost, or is she much more.
And this mysterious force that appears to now be controlling those nanites.
What the hell is that exactly?
A God?